We are proud of our work and anxious to show you exactly what we are capable of creating.


We are specialize in designing various types of scrubbing systems for Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Steel Industry.

We design : • Venturi Scrubbers • Spray Towers/Columns • Plate & Packed Combination Scrubbers

Capacity As Per Client Requirements.
Design Temp/Pressure As per Client.
Type Scrubber (Ventury / Packed Bed / Sieve Tray) Blower (Centrifugal Type-Direct/Belt Driven) Stack, Duct (As per Client / As per Design).
MOC FRP (GRP), or Dual Composites with Thermoplastics / Fluoro plastics Liner Such as PPH, PP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF Etc. or as per client requirements.